Politics – American Style

  • So many of our politicians want to be known as miracle workers — it IS a miracle when they work. But that’s not entirely fair. Most do put in a good day’s work — every week.
  • And look at Clinton, personally responsible for a resurgence of religion in America. Never has the phrase, “Oh my Dear God !!!” been heard from so many, and so often, since he took office.
  • And y’all wonder how these guys get caught in so many scandals ? Hell, haven’t you ever heard the expression ‘exercise discretion’ ? Politicians think it involves some kind of physical effort.
  • For those not in the US, we can watch a lot of the proceedings on TV now. In fact, that’s how I stay so slim. I tune in often and just let my flesh crawl.
  • As for all these campaign contribution charges and counter-charges, it just proves once again that the United States currently has the very best President and Vice-President that money can buy.
  • People outside the US often wonder how you become a Republican. Well, two ways generally, most are because their Fathers were before them; others are because their Fathers were Democrats.
  • Congress polices itself though. One representative banked five times his salary in just two years. He’s currently being investigated to see what in the world took him so long.