A guy walks into a bar and sees one other man sitting there drinking a beer
looking a little forlorn. There is, also a foot tall midget playing the piano.
The other guy has a magic lamp next him, so the first guy sits down next to him
and asks him if he can have one of the three wishes. The guy says he can because
he has used one and doesn’t feel like using the last two. So, the man rubs the
lamp a genie pops out and asks him for his wish. the man wishes for 1000 bucks.
The genie grants his wish and as soon as he goes away ducks start walking into
the bar. He counts them and there are 1000. He complains”Hey I asked for 1000
bucks not ducks. Then the guy next to him replies “you don’t think I asked for a
12 inches pianist do you?”