A college couple had been dating for about 6 months. One day in the cafeteria
they are having lunch. After beating around the bush for a few minutes, the
boyfriend expresses that he’s interested in going “all the way”. The girlfriend
excalaims that she has been wanting to also but was unsure on how to address the
issue. After several more minutes of small talk, the girlfriend says she is
willing to finally consumate their relationship, but that the boyfriend must
first meet her parents and bring protection. He agrees and accepts her
invitation to dinner at her house that evening. The boyfriend proceeds directly
to the pharmacy after his last class and walks directly to the condom aisle.
Upon reaching said aisle, he is quickly overwhelmed by the seemingly endless
variety and begins to scratch his head in indecision. Seeing this from behind
the counter, the Pharmacist proceeds the boyfriends location and asks him of his
quandry. After a moment of verbal stammering, he explains to the pharmicist that
it’s his first time buying condoms and he’s not sure what kind to buy, but that
he needs a lot of them as he and she are going to make a marathon night of it.
The pharmicist chuckles, hands him a “bonus pack” of the most popular brand, and
sends the boyfriend on his way. A few hours pass as the boyfriend feverishly
prepares for the night he’s hoping will make him into a man. Finally the moment
of truth arrives as he arrives at his quarrys abode, with not a hair out of
place and a bilfold full of condoms, he nervously rings the doorbell. After what
seems a small eternity, his girlfriend answers the door and with a passionate
kiss invites him throught the portal. He graciously accepts and enters to meet
her parents waiting in the foyer. Gretting are extended before all are ushered
into the formal dining room for the evening meal. Upon sitting down, the
girlfriend invites her extremely nervous and uncomfortable boyfriend to say
Grace before dinner is served. The boyfriend eagerly accepts and commences with
the longest, most religious, heartfelt prayer in all of history. At the end of
the prayer, the girlfriend exclaims “I had no idea you were so religious”. The
boyfriend sweating from his labor exlaims in turn “I had no idea your father was
a pharmicist”!