Irish Delecacy

There once was a lowly snail, who was busily crawling through the forrest one
day when he happens upon a Leprechaun, perched upon a toadstool. The Leprechaun
looks down at the poor snail, crawling on his belly all his life, and takes pity
on him. “Snail,” he says. “I am going to grant you a wish. Whatever you want,
you have only to ask.”
The snail can’t believe his luck! He thinks for a moment, and then excitedly
exclaims, “Yes! I do have a wish! I want a brand new, shiny red Corvette
Stingray!” The Leprechaun at first thinks that this is pretty strange, but then,
considering that he is talking to a snail, perhaps not.

“And” continues the snail. “I want a bright, golden “S” painted on the doors,
the hood and the trunk of my corvette.”

“You shall have your wish,” responds the Leprechaun. With the wave of his
hand, the snail’s wish is granted.

And now, whenever the snail roars through the forrest in his shiny new
corvette, with the big “S” on the side, all the other animals of the forrest
say… “Wow! Look at that crazy “S” car go!”